main rig Who Are We...
We are a 115 year old company that draws on our experience and utilizes modern technologies to provide you with a quality product and garanteed results.
One Of Our Main Rotary Drill Rigs
  • Time has given us the opportunity to become the acknowledged experts in ground water development and utilization
  • We are licensed and certified in Illinois, Wisconsin & Iowa
  • We have computerized records of the wells in Illinois and Wisconsin
  • We offer a full line of service; from designing and drilling a water well, running and maintaining a water system along with crane rental
Our 18 Ton Crane Used In Pump Installation And Repair
A Drilled Well Is More Than A Digging Operation

Serving Illinois, Iowa & Wisconson 815-947-3310
9795 U.S. Route 20 East • Stockton, IL 61085
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Larry Lyons, MGWC President
Todd Lyons, Vice-President